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FM provides a dynamic range of full-service, interdependent solutions for all traditional and digital media needs.

We cover everything from content creation (scripting, casting, filming, and video post production) to driving traffic from traditional and digital media channels (planning, buying, and analytics for television and social media). But wait… there is, in fact, more.

We’re also – within targeted verticals – a leader in optical disc sourcing (Blu-ray, DVD, and CD), custom printing, and custom packaging for a wide range of retail products.

FM has been delivering a consistent balance of price, quality, and service since 2003 to clients ranging from start-ups to internationally known brands.

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Blu-ray, DVD, CD Replication
Custom USB Duplication
Custom Packaging Design
Custom Print + Boxes + Binders


Web Design + Ecommerce + Copywriting
Video Production + Motion Graphics
Campaign Strategy + Analytics
Traditional and Digital Media Buying

Digital Marketing Campaigns… 
Now Converting:

Not only do we know how to drive highly-targeted traffic, we create high-converting automated sales machines.

It begins with cold traffic being driven from TV and/or social media to a website, opt-in page, landing page, etc., then that traffic needs to be conditionally nurtured, and after that, it needs to be converted. For the majority of those who aren’t converted on the first round, that traffic needs to be followed up with and done so over a variety of media channels including email, display, and social media.

Yes, we’re going in circles with our strategy – and for many tested reasons – but if you think we’re nuts, what about the majority of brands out there who think loads of traffic to a pretty website is the recipe for conversion?

That’s only 2% of the process. It doesn’t work that way for the other 98%.

It’s like making a prospecting call and never following up. Prospects need nurturing.

VetSmart Formulas | Digital Media Campaign

MasterChef Cruise | Digital Media Campaign

Sobriety Solution | Book Pre Launch Campaign

Video Strategy for TV & Web… 
Now Recording:

We produce content that engages, nurtures, and converts. If you have a product of value to sell, we know how to make the phones ring and the fans on the web servers sing.

No cheese here. We do it with class, sophistication, and psychological strategy.

To learn more, be sure to check out FlowMotionAgency.com or to schedule a tour of our production facility located in Ventura, California, call us at 888.818.3569.

Ultra HD Video Post Production